Knitting and Crocheting (2019-08-26)

I have learned knitting and crocheting. I knitted a scarf, crocheted a cup holder, amigurumi teddy bear and I plan to knit a winter hat.

Amino acid profile of vegan food (2019-08-14)

Last month a friend came with an idea to make an app which will give a detailed profile of aminoacids for vegan food. We used data from United States Department of Agriculture database. I extracted and analysed data for vegan food to be used for a prototype. This app will help vegan bodybuilders to track down the protein completeness of the food they eat.

Natural Language Processing(NLP) (2019-06-23)

Last month I have learned about NLP.

  1. it's an interaction between humans and computers.
  2. it's a field of science and group of methods to make computers understand human language

Missing Eritrean Migrants (2019-06-06)

I have learned about Missing Migrants Project few years ago. Missing migrants project records incidents of migrants during the migration process towards a destination.

Recently I was curious what the data contains and I explored it using Python and Jupyter notebook.

I want to use the data and answer some of the questions below:

  1. How many Eritrean migrants are missing?
  2. Are there any available data of missing Eritreans?
  3. Does the missing migrants project data have nationality of dead migrants?

Making a Website with Pug from Scratch (2019-04-04)

We are at a pizza place 🍕🍝 and I'm setting up my first blog.



npm init

npm install parcel

start atom

create a file called index.pug

npx parcel index.pug

create git repository

git init

git add

git commit